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My spring essentials

New season, new me. This past winter has been terrible, so spring is a new page in this 2017 book. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know by now that I've kind of moved from beauty to skincare department. I still love to take my time and make myself look presentable, I guess I just came to the realization that healthy and glowing skin IS a major part of looking presentable. 

To be completely honest, my hormones had gone completely nuts over the past few months. Not in an Oh-so-many-pimples way, but in I-feel-and-act-like-a-psych-and-I'm-so-over-all-the-moodswings way. We got two cats since I last posted, does that tell you anything? My poor boyfriend, you can't even imagine. It was time to stop feeling like a failure, get out of bed and do something for myself. So I decided to shop, ha-ha. Oh, my beloved feel-unique. 

Having unexpectedly (still unexplained, my bet is on my mother-in-law feeding me 24/7) lost over 10 pounds that I've been trying to get rid of since elementary school was, without a doubt, a great start to my lifestyle makeover.  Next step was changing my skin care routine (if you can even call coconut oil a routine), finding natural products that fit my skin type and work well.
After hours of research, I decided on one of the best rated natural moisturizers on FU, which cost, worth mentioning, no more than 8 (it was on sale, normally it's 10.37)
Hint: Stay tuned, next post is a review.  

Winter is tough on your skin, your lips, and on your soul, if you don't like snow, like me. New year celebrations and cakes and champagne heal the soul pretty fast, though, so no worries. 
For lips, there's Nuxe. I'm sure you've heard of it, it was a hit at the end of last year, everybody and their mother raved about it. I tried it a few years ago at my friend's house and I kept saying to myself "one day...". Well, the day of ordering on Feel-unique was THE day. No regrets, only love. I continue to love it as warmer weather is approaching.

S. Oliver for Her and for Him. I received this fragrance at Beauty Bloggers Conference in September, and the lady that was representing them kindly offered to send me one for my other half as well. Both fragrances are quite fresh smelling (rose, lychee and bergamot for Her and black tea, violet leaf and musk for Him), but what intrigues me the most is long walks in the park, wearing matching fragrances. Pretty sure nobody knows, but it just feels quirky. 

Thanks for reading, 
talk to you next week.


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