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Life lately, Beauty Bloggers meet up and L'occitane garage sale.

Slovenian blog scene has been overflowing with Slovenian Beauty Bloggers Conference and L’occitane garage sale (And Nuxe Reve de Miel reviews, haha) blog posts. I hope you've been enjoying them :-)

I just can’t seem to get it together lately, to be honest, I’m just being an unorganized wreck; I’m supposed to be juggling work, school, family (I just moved in with my boyfriend recently, and my in-laws seem to extremely like me!), when in reality I’m just sitting at home, waking up with a headache and feeling extremely poorly every day, and as a result simply letting things slip out of my hands.
However, I have decided I want to graduate at the end of the next semester, and with the new year coming rapidly the touristic season and bar business is back up, which means more work.

After a pretty hectic year of -going home to grab a fresh outfit and wash my teeth, be back in an hour-, I and my man decided to move in together. The past three months have been in sign of pinterest dates, furniture shopping, organizing piles of our stuff, and fighting over whether the blinds should be let down or up (also who should clean cat poop off freshly made bed - I lost, If you’re wondering.. and has electricity bill been taken care of yet, and which one?). Apart from 15 years old bathroom, the flat had no furniture whatsoever, so It’s been quite a journey and is still a work in progress. Let me just tell you, not painting the walls before moving in is a horrible idea, and you only realize what you’ve done when it’s too late.

In the beginning of October I attended Beautiful Bloggers Meetup. It still amazes me how many amazing girls are in this community, and it just keeps growing. What I appreciate the most is actually having events like this one, where a larger group of us get together and have a day for ourselves, revolving only around our niche. Having all that time has really been a great opportunity to test out all of the beautiful gifts we were given. Ongoing, though :-)

I’ve talked about removing my hair with waxing before, but because furnishing an apartment requires some major withdrawals, I’ve settled on cutting back with my waxes. So I decided to try out a hair removal cream, and picking my most trusted beauty brand was a no-brainer. Epilating cream basically burns your hair, kind of like bleaching burns it. It makes sense for it to be a chemical junk. That as a fact is not enough for me to stop myself, though, instead I very wisely decided to apply it without gloves. I KNOW!!!! 

Anyways, long story short.. I ended up burning my hands to the point where I couldn’t move my fingers for the next two days. The rest of my body was nowhere near being happy either. The moral of this mini review should be somewhere between don’t use epilating creams, and don’t use epilating creams without gloves..

Did I mention Gilmore girls yet? I’m not typically the type of girl that would lay down and have movie marathons. Instead, I watch my jams while doing chores. That’s why everything takes me so long to do, yet I miss half the episodes. And It’s somehow taken me 2 months to get to freaking season 4? Kind of glad it’s taking so long, kind of annoyed. But man, those burns were a great excuse to not do laundry for 3 days, and more or less spend two days in bed :D

Time flew on and here came the oh-so-long-awaited L’occitane garage sale. It’s a real bummer that I got a pretty bad cold a week before, so I decided to skip the exclusive entrance for Bloggers. Instead, we went to check it out a few days later, soon realized we are late to the wagon, and left with 3 flower pots and 3 flower pot stands. Pretty sure I would have been a lot more fun if we got there sooner.
Now those flower pot stands were a huge steal, for 3 bucks each. It’s probably obvious from the pictures that we recklessly got a humongous Philodendron Xanadu (because it’s Monstera’s cousin and it's beautiful and cool, doooh!) We both love it, but it takes up soooo much space. Basically a good square meter, which in 45 sq m apartment with a lot of walls and doors, is in fact, a lot. So I’ve been on a hunt for, god please, just one pot stand. I searched the internet and turned Pinterest upside down, but I only seemed to like one, and it was up for a little less than 20 euros, so I decided to put it off for a while and well… Just like I’ve been doing with everything else, stack a plant on a stack of boxes. And then L’occitane come to the rescue.

You could see they’ve gone trough some stuff, a pretty coppery brown was showing quite a few chips, so we picked up a matt black paint spray. It took one coat and I have not only one, but three flower pot stands for less than 15 bucks. 12 bucks, to be exact. Happy bear!

Well, since I miscalculated the days (or better said months, lol! I thought I had 2 months more than I actually do) until graduation, I am now left with a billion exams and in a desperate need of a serious sit-down to plan out my work, classes, studying, exam and blogging schedule. Do you have any good tips on how to make study plans? How do you plan your Blog posts?

If successful, there should be another post on the blog in about four days. If it’s not up, well, that would be a pretty good sign of how my sit-down went.

Hopefully, I’ll talk to you soon!
Maria Noelle

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