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Beauty world has been filled with everything liquid lipstick for the past year or so. Hits and misses, wallet friendly and sky-high prices. That almost rhymed, how neat :D So, wearing a liquid lipstick, I attended Slovenian Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up* a few weeks ago. This year, we weren't given a beauty bag, but a beauty trolley instead. It was kind of dope, to be honest :D
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I haven't really been in the mood for full face of makeup recently, so I've been mainly giving skin and body care products their go. That's probably why those cream lipsticks sounded best out of beauty gems we were given.

First of all, and the most important part is the price; the lipsticks run for 1,9e each, the set is out for 6,99e. They are not scented and have no smell whatsoever, which is a great thing in my books.
They have a creamy formula indeed; they feel and apply like butter and are extremely easy to wear. They do not dry out my lips, but I would say some exfoliating before applying them is welcome.
Once on your lips, they can come off pretty sheer, but the formula is extremely buildable so you can easily achieve a vivid colour payoff. However, I feel pretty confident to say, when it comes to darker shades, you will hardly achieve the exact colour it is in the tube (pretty obvious on the lips swatches bellow).

My bare lips
My favourite and most wearable shade would definitely be Dusk till down. The application of this particular one is the smoothest of them all.
Expression is definitely one of those with a poor true-to-tube payoff. As you layer it, you definitely have to put in some more effort to make it even. But it is a nice berry color :)
Untouched is a great wearable nude, probably the nicest nude shade in my collection; it's just right for everyday wear, for my skin tone at least. However, when I mentioned exfoliating, this is the shade I had in mind. Good thing it's a nude, because it tends to sit in the lines of your lips.
Candy sweet is a nice spring shade, and the application is great. It also doesn't crease, and it comes up to a great vivid pink shade.
Now, True power is a nice, warm red. Nice, because its extremely light to wear, BUT it's a pain in the ass to apply evenly. Nowhere near getting it as dark as the tube is, also.

The packaging is quite cheap looking, though. The best part is the clear bottom that makes it really easy to find the shade you are looking for, but I guess this is what you get with such an inexpensive product.

To be honest, I would have never picked these up myself.* But they are a great new addition 
to my collection and I've been wearing them quite often lately. I think they are a great inexpensive everyday lipsticks, although I still love my Essence lipsticks for everyday. My favourite thing about them would have to be the wear-off, they fade extremely evenly and look great even after a meal.

There is not really much to say about the lipsticks, but I thought they were worth mentioning. I hope you enjoyed this quick review on my refreshed blog :)
Talk to you soon!

Maria Noelle

*I was given the lipsticks by Licila.si at the Beauty Bloggers conference.

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  1. wow, tale zadnja slika je čudovita! Kot iz kakšne reklame *_*