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Daily fall routine - L'occitane, Lush, Johny Organic

Hi sunshines!
Colder days have been coming around lately, how have you been handling that? 
I just got over a cold, so my start wasn't such a nice one, but we've gathered here today so thatI can help you get your game straight for this fall and upcoming winter. 

No matter what time of the year, I think we often forget that being healthy also includes us taking time and pampering ourselves. Being healthy means feeling good, feeling good inside and out. Feeling good from outside would mean having nice hair, nourished skin, and in my case having nails done. I think our nails are one of the things we sometimes forget to take time for, but are one of the little things that affect our self esteem, although we don't even realise it. Feeling good about our appearance also affects our self esteem, inner peace, inner health. 

I often find myself thinking how I can feel my pores are stuffed and my skin needs nourishing, but I sometimes just seem to skip this step because 'I don't have time and I can do it tomorrow. And then tomorrow turns into tomorrow, and into tomorrow and tomorrow until I realise It's gone way too far and I need to do something about this NOW. Just as I should have weeks ago. 
I've now learnt to incorporate exfoliating into my daily routine, as supposed to before, when it used to only be a part of my pamper routine. Once every few days, I also reach for masks, so my skin is not only exfoliated and free of any dead skin cells and blackheads, but also extra nourished, hydrated, firm and glowing. 

As for exfoliating your skin you can use a combination of ground coffee residue, salt, sugar or baking soda with either honey, greek yogurt, milk, olive or coconut oil.
As for homemade face mask there's a post coming up soon, but my top two at the moment are Johny Organic, all natural, vegan, non animal tested line (using antioxidant facial mask on the picture, it smells like chocolate, hoho) and Don't look at me, the smurf blue mask by Lush. They both also have some exfoliating bits in them, 'cause we don't wan't no dry skin.

For my birthday I caved in and finally got the L'occitane light Shea butter comforting cream, and It's been my favourite ever since. I have mixed skin with dry patches and oily T-zone, and because it also finds breaking out really fun, I've always had trouble finding THE face cream. But one tiny little tester sold me on this one; this is an extremely light formula with Shea butter, which deeply moisturises your skin without leaving weird oily films. 
What amazes me the most over and over again is how I can really feel my skin being tight and firm in a way that I've never experienced before.

Every girl needs a good red lipstick.. Owning one is one thing, but wearing it is a whole another story. If moisturising your lips is not part of your daily routine yet, do it at least in the morning and before bed. Because colder days are coming, your lips are gonna need some more attention. I bet they would be really happy if you showed them even more love and also incorporated exfoliation into your daily routine. I love to that with Lush Bubblegum lip scrub, I've heard that new Essence soothing lip peeling is a great option, but you can also totally DIY this with the same ingredients I listed for face scrub (don't forget to make some extra to exfoliate your body while in the shower!). 

My favourite part of my routine is definitely body butter. I moisturise my skin after .every.single.shower. As a waitress, I spend a fairly good amount of time standing and walking, so my feet are a pain in the ass to keep smooth. You could use a separate foot cream to take care of them, but I find that using this body butter does a way better job. Many ladies stop at moisturising legs, but go on, take care of your entire body and take time to massage the product in really well.
Not to mention this body butter from Lidl (Aldi) makes me smell like I fell into chocolate fondue.

Before we sit back, Let's have a quick talk? How about making breast self-exam a habit? 
It's pink October, breast cancer awareness month. We tend to have this mindset, It can't happen to me. It can happen to anyone, and 5 minutes a month can give you a peace of mind and make sure you know what's going on. Read more about self-exam on this link

Now, I'm sure you've heard about L'occitane and their cult fragrances. My favourite out of all is Arlésienne. She is a strong, independent woman that leaves a strong impression. She is what every woman should be. Go get yourself those lace panties, light up some candles and make yourself some coffee or tea. Take some time for yourself, blast up you favourite playlist or put on you favourite TV show. This is YOUR time, time to do your nails, try new makeup, walk around the house in nothing but underwear. And then get your best girl and take her out. Put on some red lipstick (see why we did the exfoliating ;))  and own it.

When you wake up tomorrow, remember all those steps. Remember the exfoliating, moisturising, remember to take time for yourself every single day. You don't have to put on red lipstick and go out, but remember to be confident, fierce, because you are a queen



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