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Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation

Hi girls! 
You might have noticed I've been away for quite a while. My blog is my sacred place, place where I run away, pour my opinions out, mainly about beauty stuff. My blog is also a place where I want to be honest, be who I am, use my inspiration to create something not only I enjoy, but you do too. But to be honest, I was in major lack of inspiration, and it was not in my interest to create something that was not honest and enjoying not only to write, but also read. 
But recently I came across a product that did, in fact, give me inspiration or better said wish, to tell you everything about. 


What does it claim?
They say this new addition to the family of Catrice foundations is supposed to give you high, but natural and light coverage that feels like your skin. It offers smooth and even coverage, as well as long lasting oil control and coverage of imperfections.

There are four different shades available, I own the darkest one (I bought it at my tannest, which I now see, was a stupid idea). I will say, they are not in favour for us, yellow based ladies, since the shades are on the pinkier side of undertones (I do have extremely yellow skin, though), but I feel like the darkest shade is the least pink out of them and it does oxidise and blend in after a while. However, pretty sure I'll (and other gals with light skin) have to find an alternative for colder months, because to be honest, they could have done a better job with shades.

Clearly they were looking for something different, And I am extremely thankful the different wasn't a lid only bottle (like the old Colorstay bottles), but they decided to go for a dropper. Honestly, the good old pump would be more than great.  The bottle is made from a heavy, nice looking matt glass, and if we let the cheap, plastic dropper head slip, the product as a whole does make you feel pretty sassy :)

The dropper itself, though, is okay. It holds about two drops of product (I'd say you need 2-4 drops) and is pretty easily manageable.  But the foundation does get on the neck of the bottle which can be, well, messy to say the least.

What are you really signing up for?
This is 30ml of foundation for around 7 euros, that could be up for a way higher price. It's an amazing, medium, but buildable coverage foundation with matt to (on mixed skin) semi-matt finish, that really does look like your second skin. It's well blendable, mixes great with face cream to tone down the coverage (you know me and my light coverage, ha-ha). It lasts really well, I've worn it for over 10 hours during my bartending shift on a humid day, and I was still ready to have my photos taken at the end of my shift. And I look bomb on my new ID photos :)

Both photos are taken with my front phone camera, and are completely unretouched.  But they do give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like on :) Big thumbs up for Catrice. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think about their new releases :) 



  1. Kok si lepaaa! <3
    Pa tale barva las ti zelo paše, še boljše kot rdeča. ;)

  2. Ravno danes kupila, upam da bo kul. Na roki mi je tekstura delovala tko-tko :/

    1. Mene je pa ravno tekstura že v trgovini prepričala, je pa res, da sem iskala Sheer in blendable podlago :D

  3. Pri meni glede tele podlage izgleda takole, prsti me srbijooo, tako bi jo preizkusila, pa se bojim tega mat efekta. Ima precej suho, sedaj kar normalno kožo, pa mi mat ne paše, oz. niti ne kupujem mat podlag. Ampak saj vem se da rešit to s kako kapljico olja, ker me prekrivnost mika, sploh ker poslušam, da je dobra, pa vseeno izpade naravno. P.s bom vidla kako dolgo bom zdržala, da je NE kupim:):):)P.s na fotografijah si tooopp lepa:)