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Styling a cardigan

Hi guys!
Since I missed yesterdays post, I'm making up for it with this post. Yesterday one of my fellow Slovenian bloggers had a question about styling long cardigans. Because, well, I love them, I decided to give you a little guide, in case you have a problem similar to hers.

I absolutely love cardigans, because I think you can do anything and everything with them. And I al talking about the long ones, preferably asymetric. You can dress them up or dress them down.

Styling a cardigan

That is basically my wardrobe. 5 essential tops, 5 essential botttoms and 5 essential pairs of shoes (because I don't own heels, haha, but If I did, I would totally wear a cardigan with them)
Now, it's on you to mix and match those, and you can get AT LEAST 15 outfits out of it. 

I hope this post was helpful, see you soon with my top 5 red lipsticks ;)


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