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8 beauty essentials!

Hi guys! How have you been doing? I've been having trouble finding inspiration lately... 
But after every rain comes the sunshine, right?
Today I'll be talking about products I think you NEED in your life :)

1. NUXE Reve de miel lip butter.
This is by far the best lip balm I've ever tried, and believe me, I've tried a bunch! Also, I've never heard or read a single bad thing about it. 
It does contain beeswax, which makes the consistency a bit different, it basically feels like wax on your lips, but it's not one of those film-like moisturisers that just sit on your skin, it absorbs very deeply into your lips and keeps them soft for hours! It also has a slight, but really pleasant smell of citruses. It runs for about 14$, which might seem a lot but it lasts a long time and it is soooo worth it!

2. REVLON Colorstay foundation
This is my all time favourite foundation. Originally, it is high coverage, but since I prefer light coverage I usually mix it wish face cream and it acts just as amazing. It claims to last 24 hours - I've never tried, but judging by how it wears on me, I'm pretty sure it would hold up.  The color range is pretty nice, I think there is about 18 shades (don't take my word for that), and the amazing thing is, there are TWO! formulas available - for dry skin and mixed to oily skin (mine is this one). I've even done professional makeup with this foundation and some of the girls liked it more than the professional and high-end foundations. The consistency is pretty thick, and you have to be careful because it does not come with a pump (not sure if you can buy it separately either). It's on the more expensive side of drugstore foundations, but worth it.

3. REVLON Colorstay concealer
Another favourite of mine, and again, I've tried many many concealers (mainly drugstore ones, though). I have a huge problem with concealers creasing on me, and this is the first one that didn't. Also, my skin is extremely pale, but yellow toned which makes it hard for me to find a concealer light enough, and I don't even think I have this one in the lightest shade. I'd say the coverage is medium to high, it has a doe foot applicator and the formula is really blendable. What more is there to ask for?

4. Beauty Blender
As a makeup artist, I've tried a bunch of methods of applying foundation (concealer included), and beauty blender is the one I reach for over and over again. I think it does the best job of really pushing the foundation into all the tiny lines and imperfections, as well as evening out the skin without leaving strikes, strokes and films. It creates a perfect canvas for painting, which is especially important for powder contouring. I feel like I just wrote a paragraph for a really important essay haha :D

5. ZOEVA Brushes
Of course good products are important, but so are good quality brushes (if not even more than the first!). So far, the best ones I've tried are Zoeva brushes (their palettes are freaking amazing as well), and when you think of the price vs. the quality there is no doubt left, really. Also, They have really nice sets in even nicer pouches already put together for you. 

6. LORAC PRO palette
This is by far the first eyeshadow palette you should own. It has a great variety of neutral shimmers and matts, which allows you to do everything and anything with it. It is a bummer that it's only available in USA, but if any of your friends is going over, you should definitely invite them to lunch and without them even realising, ask them to hunt it down for you. It is a little pricey, but not that expensive in comparison with some other palettes. But nevermind the price, it's totally worth it!

7. REVLON lip balms
Are you noticing a pattern here? Revlon? Yah. I'm not even gonna ramble about these, both mattes and glossy finish are great. The range of colours is pretty amazing and I'm confident every single one of you would find a shade for themselves. They offer everything from 'my lips but better' colours, to nudes, reds, pinks and vampy shades. 

8. AUSTRALIAN GOLD Forever after body cream
This is definitely a treat product, but it moisturises really well, the amount you need is really small so it lasts, and the best thing, it smells freaking amazing, and the scent clings to your skin and stays there for an entire day. Also, most of the creams of all kinds are in a squeeze bottle, but this one has a pump which is quite nice, so not the entire bottle is greasy after using it. 

These are just 8 of my beauty favourites, what are yours? I hope you learned about some new things and enjoyed this post; see you next week!

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Love, Urška


  1. Take Revlonov puder pa kupujem že en čas :/ Res se moram spravit v nabavo! In moram dodati še to, da sem nad videom navdušena! Super ti je ratal video in makeup, izgledaš prava diva! Da ne omenjam barve las, ki ti noroo paše! Čudovito! Amazing post! :*

  2. Joj, jaz si že tako dolgo kupujem ta Revlonov puder (isto kot Tina, hehe), zadnjič sem sicer enega sprobala (bolj na hitro) v drogeriji, ampak mi je bil ful ful preoranžen. Se moram v miru v nabavo spravit, ker mi jih je že veliko priporočilo ta puder. Super objava & you're gorgeous xx