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Over the moon products of 2015 - Part TWO

 Hi guys!
Whats new over there? Let me start by telling you that my new video went up yesterday! :) I am gonna link it at the end of this post, don't forget to check it out as there is also some of my 2015 favourites in action :)
So, as promised, here is part TWO of my most loved products of 2015. Let's jump into it, shall we?

The Balm is definitely my Brand - discovery of 2015. I've seen it around before, but I've never tried anything. You might have seen a haul on the blog a few months back where I got the Mary Lou-manizer. BEST DECISION EVER. After that I kind of slipped and placed an order of 4 more products and I now own one of their lipsticks (which, horrifying fact, I didn't have a chance to try yet), a bronzer and 3 "highlighters"

The Mary Lou-manizer
I have about 5 highlighters, some I hate, some I just had to cope with just to have a highlighter, but even the high-end one I emptied my wallet for, I didn't love. This one is ah-mah-zing. It gives me the most healthy glow I could imagine! And a quick secret, I also love it for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes ;)

Balm desert blush/bronzer
When I first came across this product I was wondering how are they planning for this to work, I mean, you are either gonna look like you are only wearing a bronzer OR your what are supposed to be shadows, are gonna look pink. I was leaning more towards the first option, though :D
Well, I fell in love within the first two days of using it. It gives me the most sculpted look, I bring it up to my cheeks as I would my blush (In never apply blush on the apples of my cheeks) and that's basically it for what I do everyday. Well, obviously I apply my Mary Lou-manizer on top, but this takes away an extra step of bronzer-blush, since its all one thing :D

This is one of the things we got in a goodie bag at Beautiful Bloggers event in September. As this is a product for sensitive skin, and I already had a face cream I liked at the time, I decided to use it on my clients. They all liked it, no matter what skin type they had, their skin was soft, moisturised and looking dewy. 
Last month I had a situation on my face was pretty horrible, my skin from eyes down was extremely dried out. Because my regular face cream was nowhere near being moisturising enough to take care of it, I decided to try this one. One use and I was totally bought!!! Looks like I will have to buy another tube to use on my clients, because this one ain't going nowhere!
It's really rich and nourishing, but light on the skin. It soaks into the skin really quickly, but leaves it feeling nice and smooth all day long. 

I already have a post (click here to read it) about this up, so I won't talk much about it as this post already is super long. I just have to say that products mentioned here, this one for example, are not necessarily my all time favourites, but are the ones I've either discovered in 2015 or I've been reaching for them more than for my favourites (Revlon Colorstay foundation, for example)

I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, Afrodita is one of my favourite brands on the market. 
I love their face products, I love their shampoos, I love how they treat both their costumers and how much effort they put into the products. 

Afrodita Intimate wash
We all know that I'm not on the highest part of the discrete bloggers ladder :) I think I proved myself with my Yeast infection post haha, and We are gonna go there again. Well, yeast infections. The post came from experience. In the post, I said that I DO NOT recommend using intimate wash. And I would have never ever bought it myself ever again, BUT this is another product we got in a goodie bag at BBMULJ. I was kind of skeptical about it, but just the fact that I actually decided to try it shoes you how much I trust Afrodita... with my body? :D This is actually not the one we got, this is my NEW bottle! Yes, you read that right, I used up a bottle of intimate wash AND bought myself a new one. In fact, we have two showers in the house and because I have so many flatmates and the bathrooms are often occupied, I keep a bottle of it in both showers! Do you get that??? I have THREE bottles of intimate wash in my house, one of which is EMPTY. I mean, I am so excited about this, I can't even. 
Anyways... What made me even more skeptical to try it is the fact that the one I received at first was not labelled "sensitive". Here's another thing, Afrodita, I trust you enough to try an Intimate wash that does NOT state SENSITIVE. They have three different formulas - 3 active (recommended for shaving), Extra sensitive (on the picture) and Natural balance (the one I received and used it up). 
Even though I was strongly against using intimate wash, I am now gonna swallow my own words and say that trying this one was one of the best decisions ever and it made my life easier. I've been using it for about 4 months and I can honestly say I did not have a single indication of an infection since I started. 

Afrodita Red Grapes Oil Shower Gel
I remember when I was little, about 5, my grandma used to use the same body cream she still does up to this day - that amazingly smelling Afrodita Red grapes nurturing body milk. This is the same amazing smelling thing, just in the shower gel form. 
I don't know if I've talked about this on my blog before, but I have a little problem with sweating. I always have to shower before bed AND in the morning because I wake up smelly. At least I can smell myself, haha, It is not that big of a problem really, but I hate feeling sweaty. Even when I would shower in the morning, I would walk to school and get there smelly and the first thing I'd do is go to the bathroom and put on another layer of deodorant. Well, that problem was solved when I discovered this shower gel. Not only it smells delicious and it doesn't dry out my skin at all but also, I can shower before bed, wake up all fresh AND still smell the shower gel the next evening. Does that tell you enough? 

I did a haul with this brush, and generally got it to try out Zoeva brushes because their brush kit is on my wish list. I have a relationship with blending brushes, and this one is, even better, crease blending brush. When I am doing a simple makeup this brush I the only thing I use ;) It's soft, it's fluffy but yet precise, what more do you need?

I went to H&M to pick up some of their new beauty products, walked by this brush and thought it looked nice for conturing. The quality is not the best, but the shape makes this brush really amazing. It's great for conturing, but thill slim enough to use it for highlighting :)

I had this old eyelash curler that I actually gave up on using. This was the same H&M trip as the brush, well, I thought this one looked pretty sturdy. I wasn't wrong and If I'm not mistaken, the shape of the curler is actually a little bit different, it seems to be a little less curved which makes it easier to reach the little side eyelashes. It's been doing it's job great! 

And last but not least is my Tangle Teezer. I bought my first one from a fellow blogger and fell in love with it. It detangles my stubborn hair in a really gentle way, which is really important for me since I have super fine hair. I have one in my bathroom, one in my room and one in my purse. I also have a stash of them under my bed to give them to my friends for birthdays. What I also really like about them is the fact that they are travel friendly and they have a cover, smart move ;)

So, that concludes my 2015 loves! I hope you enjoyed this post, maybe found out about things you haven't tried yet. Tell me about what were your most loved products of 2015, and don't forget to check out my new video ;)

See you soon, xoxo


  1. Za The Balm se moram, da je top znamka. Jaz in Natalija sva imeli možnost preizkusiti njihovo paletko nude tude in je super. :) Od H&M kolekcije mi je pa v oči padla senčka v odtenku Award season, ki sem jo komaj dobila in je tudi super. :) Video je kjuuut! :) (Tamara)

    1. O to je pa dobro vedet, nad njihovimi Paletkami sem slišala kar nekaj pritožb, čeprav nisem posvečala veliko pozornosti ker mam čisto preveč paletk :P Tudi H&M senčkam sem se bolj kot ne izognila, ker ne maram enojnih senč, se mi zdijo samo clutter :D

      Hvala! :)