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Over the moon products of 2015! - Part one

Hi guys!
How are y'all doing? I hope you had a great new years eve (In case you are wondering, I was working for new years, haha), and may your 2016 be full of love, friends, happiness, health, success. Can't wait to see what this year brings!
There's no better way to start 2016 than with a post about my favourite products of 2015! There is a slight possibility of this post, well,... Being extremely long, so I'm just going to stop rambling. 
Edit (while writing the post) : It turns out this is getting so long, that, well, I wouldn't read the whole thing, honestly. So I am splitting it into two parts, you can expect the second on Saturday and I'll be talking about Brushes, mascaras, body, face and hair products I've been loving. Stay tuned for that!

This was probably my latest discovery of 2015, that has actually landed in my Yearly favourites. Can someone please explain why I've never tried them before??? I have both lacquer and matte balm, one of each, and I love them BOTH!
They both have an extremely light texture, you can barely feel them on your lips. They don't dry out your lips at all, neither the glossy or matte one. They do not move, except, well, when you eat, obviously, but it leaves a stain. What I like the most about them, AND this is also what I think makes them special, which some people might dislike, is the fact, that the formula is minty. This makes your lips tangle a little bit, just to the point where you can notice it, but it's really pleasant. It leaves you with a feeling of your lips being really full and plump, which I definitely approve!

001 Honey douce and 250 Standout (on the picture bellow)

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I am the BIGGEST fan of this line. Not one product has ever disappointed me,  and I've tried all three of them! 75% percent of the time, if you ask me what I'm wearing or if the debate turns on to lipsticks, you will just see me bragging about the line for like half an hour. Pretty sure all my friends have listened my little commercial about it. I am not sponsored by Bourjois, I promise, I probably should be, though :D

31 Beige shooting and 34 Cherry my Cherie (on the picture bellow)

Bourjois Rouge edition 12 hour lipsticks
This was my first product out of the three in line. Surprise surprise, I was looking for a new red lipstick :D After that I also got a nude pink shade, which Is the closest I've managed to get to "my lips but better" shade.
They both have a great staying power, they don't bleed, and if you eat carefully, they last a decade. The formula is smooth, lays lightly on your lips and does not dry them out.

A photo posted by Urska Peternel (@noellemaria) on

Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet Lipsticks
Surprisingly, my first shade of this was NOT red, although, two out of three shades I own are.
06 Pink pong is a stunning! fuchsia pink shade. These are the best liquid lipstick I've tried so far, I once ran 12 hour shift with the pink one, only reapplying it (it still left a stain tho, I could easily go with how it was) once on the inner part of my lips after I ate a burger! And keep in mind it was 35 degrees celsius outside, and I work as a waitress so I drink all the time (I get thirsty from walking and talking all the time, it's not alcohol :D)
The formula is soft, it applies easily, dries quickly, lasts for ages. It barely dries out my lips (it does a little, which is normal for a liquid lipstick), but I would reccomend lining you lips before applying as it can bleed a little bit. The shades are gorgeous, I tink there is about 12 of them. I just went to Ireland recently to visit my friend, And she fell in love with the dark red one the fist time she saw me wearing it, and she said "I've been looking for a perfect red shade for years, this is it!". Guess what? That's what I said when I saw Karina from Karinartistic wearing it on Beautiful bloggers conference.

01 Personne ne rouge! and 08 Grand Cru
02 Rose on the rocks and 06 Pink pong (on the picture bellow)

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Bourjois Rouge edition AQUA Laque
I only own one shade of this one, And I got it to match with my "my lips but better" Rouge edition lipstick. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this. It adds a little bit of tint to your lips, has a nice shine, feels like air on your lips and it is not sticky whatsoever. 

My lips get dried out. Extremely dried out. A lot. Especially in the winter. It's a constant battle. 
Okay I am over ecsaturating :D But finding you perfect lip balm is like finding your perfect shade of red, It's complicated and it takes time. Well, lucky me, I managed to find both of my risky products. 
And, well, after trying dozens of lip balms, spending a fortune for some, I came across Labello Lip butters. To be honest, I was scared to try them, as I've been reading online that they sometimes dry out your lips (which happened to me with Eos). I decided to just go ahead and try and Oh, man, what I've been missing! 
There is not much to say about them, because as said before, lip balm is just something that either works for you or doesn't. All I can tell you is that I can't imagine living without them, and if that's enough for you to go out and try them, please, go ahead!

Have you guys tried Liquid brow pens? No? Why exactly not? This should be on you new years resolutions list. "Thy liquid brow pens". Sounds ridiculous, but you would thank me! If you don't believe, try them and then thank me. 
I've tried two, Misslyn and Catrice one. They are both great, the only difference really, is the color. Just try the one that suits you, no matter the brand. 
Liquid brow pen is basically magic. I've tried it all, pens, shadows, pencils and I always come back to this. 
First of all, you don't have to sharpen it, second of all, It's so settle that if you screw it up, you don't even have to bother to erase it, haha, which gives you a lot more control over your brows. Third of all, while the application is really light, it is also insanely buildable. That basically means that when you are in a hurry,  you are not gonna end up looking like a clown like you would (or better said, I do) with shadow or pencil, but with a perfect brow. I mean, are you not sold yet?

This is basically the same as with filling in your brows. I've tried wax, I've tried mascaras, and again, I always come back to this. It is basically a wax, but not in the form that makes your eyebrows stick together if you accidentaly apply too much. It feels like a mascara (that basically does nothing to your brows), meaning it feels like you did nothing. But it does something, it applies a super thin layer of wax, which keeps your eyebrows looking on point all day while you can't even feel it. Good job, Catrice!

I am usually the chick flick girl, but I do spend my freetime watching crime series. While this is a crime movie, I was nowhere near expecting it to be my favourite movie of the year. If this was a book, It would be a short book. A great one, but a short read. What makes this movie more than 2 hours long is the outstanding way it's filmed! I really can't explain it better, but the only thing I was thinking while and after watching it was "Wooooah, how did they manage to film such a short moment in such an amazing, mindblowing way?"

EXPERIENCE - My first real job
2015 was year of changes. My school is about 2 hour drive from my hometown, which required me to live on Campus (let's put it that way, as we don't really have campuses in Slovenia, but this is the closest explanation). Well, in June I moved out of campus to live on my own. I have flatmates, amazing ones, infact, but still. I also switched the schooling program. I went from going to school 7-4 to having lessons in the afternoon and taxing actual exams, it works like college, actually. 
That let to me making a decision to start working. I decided to get a job at a bar, as there is the most opportunities. At start, it was to get out of the house. Then it was about money. What it led to is me getting to know amazing, amazing people, and most important, finding a new love. It was not about how big the paycheck is anymore, It was about going to work because of the amazing team making me laugh until I cried, and doing what I love. Making coffee, making cocktails, experiencing a whole new thing called latte art. Of course there in annoying costumers, of course there is tensity and fights at rush hours, of course there is days, moments when nothing goes the way you want. I HATED coffee at first. But now I love it more and more everyday, and while this is being auto posted, It's actually my first day at new job. And I am doing what I love, and I am proud to say I am a barista.

BUY - MacBook Pro
I had this huge 17.3' Lenovo computer that was a hassle to even get from the bed to my table. Me going to photography school, I was working on a macbook there, also my best friend at the time had a Macbook and with me juggling 3 schools last year, that was basically all I used computer-wise. I was struggling to even get anything done on my computer as Windows and IOS are in fact quite different, not to mention that Apple computers have a way better display than most of other ones. Well, again, with me going to photography school, my father, thank you very much again, decided to get me a MacBook Pro Retina 13' for my birthday. For the life of me, he could not find a better gift. I freaking love it to death! Not only because it is a MacBook, or because it has a Retina display, but because it is  a 13' and it goes EVERYWHERE with me! It is a perfect size and light enough to just throw it in my purse, which yes, is really important counting the fact that my productivity levels get about 200% higher when I'm anywhere outside of my house.

This is part 1 of my favourites. As said before, it is a ridiculously long post. I hope this does not throw you off for a part 2!
Thanks for reading, see you soon,


  1. Čist preveč si lepa! :)
    Ne vem zdej točno, katera šminka je to na fotki z #squaredroid, ampak je noro lepa, hočem jo, in tebi hudo paše! ;) No, dejansko ti po moje pašejo vse barve? :)

    1. Oooo, hvala! :)
      Pri tej tatretji fotki je Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet 06 Pink pong :) Se strinjam, rabiš jo! Nebo ti žal ;)

  2. A lahko samo komenitram, da pogrešam kuhanje kav :) In bi z veseljem delala v kavarni :)
    V vaški gostilni pa upam, da nikol več :D