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Hi guys!

How have ya'll been doing while I was gone?
I'm back from Ireland and well, back to blogging. I might do a post with some pictures from Dublin :)

Anyways, the past week some (well, 30) of the bloggers gathered together for a "pre-new years party". We had so much fun! We had Instagram games with some pretty awesome prizes from sponsors. The sponsors were 4 kids and us, Jessica, e-kozmetika and Alpstories. They all did a great job, thanks for making out day special!


We were certainly not the most social people at the event, the Bartenders must have thought "Why the hell did they pay for them to gather here when they are all on their phones anyways" :D
But we had a great time and a bunch of us stayed after the event was over to just chat. 
I'm hoping for more events of this kind in the future! 

Have a Verry Merry Christmas! <3


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