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Holiday gift ideas

Hi guys! 
Christmas is coming up, can you believe it? This year has just flown by!
I'm a firm believer of holidays being all about surrounding yourself with people you love, with people that support you and stand my you when you're climbing up the hills or falling into the deepest cave. 
I hope you are not only surrounded with people of that kind, but YOU are also the one supporting people around you.

While love, support, friendship, hugs, phone calls, pictures are gifts themselves, we also have father Christmas, who is, well, supposed to bring material gifts :D. Personally, I am way happier to just grab a cup of coffee, or take a trip with friends and talk for hours than getting a gift. If It is about gifting, again, I am way happier go receive something small and thoughtful that something expensive. And that is how I like to gift others, too.

So I put together a list of ideas for christmas gifts for you guys, because I know how complicated gifting can be. 
I basically just surfed ASOS for everything I would like to receive. Obviously, when gifting, you have to thing about what the person you are getting it for likes and prefers, but the Idea can be the same. Also, I would say these items are mid-priced, but you can, depending on your budget, find a more OR less expensive version or basically the same item. 

Before we dive into the great world of possible gifts, I would like you to check out my last years gift guide. If interested, click HERE :).

Slovenian readers, you can get these in 1001 dar, where I got them! A big + is the fact that they don't warm up so there is no fire possible, and they just look amazing. Even my boyfriend likes them, which was a, well, a huge surprise. 

That is it for today! 
I hope you got some ideas for this year gifts. You can use many of these as stocking stuffers or individual gifts, let's say nail polishes or pens, if you want to pass it the least expensive way.
Many of these gifts are also unisex :)

Just don't forget to really think it out before buying a gift. For example, the pyjamas I suggested may not be for everyone. This is just the kind I like to sleep in. Some like two piece pyjamas, some like something a bit sexier. Well, the sexiest thing you could get me wearing to bed would be no clothes and a full face of makeup, just because I am too tired to remove my 15 hour makeup and put on a slouchy shirt I wear to bed. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some great ideas for this years gifts!
See you saturday, have a nice week,

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