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Zoeva - Unboxing

Hi girls!
I've recently been reaching out for more vivid colours. I didn't have many, so I decided to place an order on Zoeva website. 

I've also been thinking of getting their brushes, so that was another reason. I ended up getting one brush, to try it out, and 4 palettes. I just received the package, so let's take a look into it together.

Thats how the package looked like. It was all packed really neatly in the bubble wrap, to secure it.

All the palettes were in a foil to prevent dust and dirt getting onto them, and the brush was in a plastic zip-lock bag (that is really handy when you only need a few brushes, by the way!), and it also had foil  on it. 

Thats the first look when you take the palette out of plastic. This is the Rodeo Belle palette.

It has a paper cover that you have to slide it off the palette. So that is another step to prevent the bumps and damage when transporting it.

You open the palette, and you finally see the awesomeness. The eyeshadows also have a plastic cover on, to prevent the cover from getting dirty, that you can se on the picture bellow.

This is Naturally yours Palette. It has a really neat 3D marble pattern on the top cover. 

This palette really suits its name, it has a nice range of neutrals, from mattes to lightly shimmery eyeshadows. You can basically get everything from no make-up makeup look, neutral look to smokey eye. 

The protecting plastic cover you get on all your palettes.

Again, a palette you can get a neutral eye look out of, ass well as the pop of colour.
This is the palette I took with me for a 4 day trip, because you can really do anything and everything with it. 

And a nice quote on the inside. "Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly."

This one is an outstanding combination of colour with awesome metals and shimmers.

The bottom first and last shadows are really amazing, an awesome metallic silver and black with a bunch of shimmer!
The only bummer with these palettes is, that they don't have a mirror. Besides the quality, design and price, it would be just another super cool feature.

Well, I own quite a few brushes and most of them are Allu brand. They were great choice for my first brushes, but I wanna build my collection and there's been a bunch of bragging about Zoeva brushes. I am saving up for the kit, but before I bought them, since I was plain an order on Zoeva website, I thought I'd get one to make sure I'm making the right decision.

I often only use one brush for my eye make-up, and It's a big fluffy blending brush. BUT, I had some struggles defining my crease (I could just use another rush for that, but nope, lol), so I decided to get 226 - Luxe crease blending brush. I am in love!

I am gonna film a video with swatches tomorrow, but here's a quick preview - this is one light stroke over the eyeshadow, transferred on my arm from my finger. Oh, and no primer!

And here is all four of the beauties together, again. 
As you can see, you get a great variety of colours in only 4 palettes. They currently have 9 palettes out, you can check them out HERE
All their palettes are priced at 17.50 euros, which makes each eyeshadow 1.75 euro. 
The palettes I got are an exclusive kit, called Story palettes. What makes it exclusive is the fact that all 4 of them cost 60 euros, Instead of 70, which is what you would pay if you got each of them separately.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you again soon!


  1. Carske so Zoevice <3

    Jaz imam 3 in jih bom še naročila ob priliki :)

    1. Ja, res su super, in predvsem vsestranske"

  2. Jaz sem ponosna lastnica 4ih paletkin prav vse so drugačne kot tvoje :) Tale čopič je pa top of the top!

    1. Tale čopič je res super, ja! Jaz sem se zaljubla ze preko racunalnika :P
      Zoevic bom pa pomoje slej k prej se naročila, predvsem tanova me mika :)