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Collective haul

Hi guys!
That's how I'm gonna greet you from now on, because my guy friend sent me this text when I posted the last blog :D 

So, dear guys, you are more than welcome to read as well!

Anyways, today I'm gonna show you what I've bought recently. I was really sad to not be one of the girls invited to the L'occitane event, so everything (which I forgot to take a photo of two things) was bought with my own money except for the Avon stuff. Thanks for the package!
I am gonna do reviews of a few things shown here later on, but I am now gonna just quickly describe them.

Afrodita is definitely my favourite Slovenian brand. At the beginning of the month I had a huge, and I mean a HUGE breakout. I had to take actions so I got this Afrodita Acne drying gel. I have to say it actually helped the healing process. Along with that, I also got their micellar solution. I've tried plenty of those, This one does the best job of removing my makeup but it does burn my eyes just a little bit, while the Garnier one I was using before did not.

I've recently been into trying new concealers and foundations. I got the new Bourjois Air matt foundation. It claims to feel like air, I do have to test it out a bit more, but I found it to be too high coverage, that's why I've been putting off trying it again. Also, lately my dark circles have just been a Nightmare. So I got this Catrice all around concealer palette, mainly because of the salmon shade. Well, what can I say, I'm still working on it and playing around. 
The last concealing product I got is Artdeco perfect tent illuminator. It's really lightweight with a fair amount of coverage, so far I like it!

Well, for full-face makeup you need nice skin, so I placed an order on Feelunique and got this set of face masks. Haven't tried any of them yet, tho. 

I do have a lot of makeup, but the highlighting department was, well, not strong, to say the least. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer was oh-so talked about I decided to make a start with that. Again, feelnique, my biggest love (and enemy of my wallet).

As I said before, I made a trip to L'occitan store. I got their hand cream at BB conference, but they gave me the citrus one. I love citrus fruits, but I can't stand the smell of citrusy products, so I wen't to get a new one and decided for the new 25% shea butter hand cream with honey I do really like it, however I was really disappointed when I tried to squeeze it out and, well, you know how the entire tube looks full when you buy it? And do you see how it looks on the picture? I used this ONCE, that is literally the amount of product in there.
I also got a deodorant that is not shown, but you can see the 100% Shea butter that you can use for all your dry spots.
The lady working there was extremely nice, she explained everything to me, really took the time to find the perfect products with me, and she also loaded me with samples before I left :)

So, the little bird stand is from The Smile concept store. They don't carry the bird one anymore, but there is an unicorn one!
The Rings are from Avon, and they are ah-ma-zeeeng!

Well, you know me and my lipsticks. The first two are Avon ultra color indulgence in I don't know which color, because it doesn't say on the package and I threw the box away, what a boo :( The first one is not my color AT ALL, but I like the reddish plum shade. They are not that pigmented, but extremely creamy!
The third one is Maybelline color sensational in 970 - Daring Ruby. To be honest, I haven't tried it yet because I was sick for two weeks, I did put it on while writing this blog tho, just to try it out, and the formula is amazing! I am pretty sure this is a limited edition shade, tho :(

And finally, my nails!
If you look back at my posts, you can see a bunch of pictures of my pretty nails. Well, that story changed when I started working as a barista. First, my nail polish wouldn't last more that two or three days, and after a month or so they just started breaking and chipping one after another. And counting in the fact that I've had long nails for the past 5 years and couldn't even type on the phone without them, shorties were not even an option.

Tell me, what did YOU get recently?

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. See you soon,


  1. Super haul in lepe slike, nebi imela pa nič proti če bi bile malo večje, da bi se lažje videlo izdelke :D

    1. Hvala za komentar, pa hvala za tip, bom dala večje v naslednjo objavo! :)