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Beautiful bloggers meetup, pt. 2

Hi girls!

I had promised you a part 2 of Beautiful bloggers conference post. It took a while because I was waiting for the official pictures, but here it is!

The best food I've eaten in a long long time!

I sure can't take a picture looking normal.

Beautiful Nika Veger, the responsible one for the event, and the guy who made sure we we smiling and laughing a whole lot, Peter Poles, with the best Afrodita Cosmetics team :)

The best part of the day :D

The star of the night, Ajda Sitar :)

Well, you can't really give away oscars for beauty awards, but you sure can go with mirrors ;)

Lassana team, who made sure we left with our hair looking gorgeous :)

Pictures taken by Marko Delbello ocepek and fotozabava.si

I hope you have a little better feel of what we felt that day while looking at the pictures. 
Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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