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Battle of the tinted creams - Vichy vs. Eucerin

Hi guys! 
How are you all doing? 
For starters, let me tell you that as of now on I'm gonna be posting 2 blogs a week - on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can also check out my youtube channel where you can find a new video every friday! 
So, today, I am gonna be comparing two tinted creams - Vichy Normaderm BB clear  (around 25$) and Eucerin hyaluron filler CC cream  (around 35$). 

Left Vichy, right Eucerin

So, the Vichy one claims to even out the skin tone and give it a nice glow as well as control the oils for the entire time of wearing it. It is also promising up to 23% (what a random number, lol, why didn't they just say 20% or 25%? :D) decrease of imperfections after a month of using it. 

The Eucerin one is actually a CC cream which means Complexion Correction. It is a day cream with pigments that even out skin tones for a radiant complexion. They say ''Coverage is smooth and provides an excellent base for other make-up. It has a non-greasy texture that melts onto the skin.''

To give you a better view into them I made a short video demo, that you can see bellow.

Now, before I tell you what I think about each of them, let me tell you this is my very first Vichy product. On the other side, I've always loved Eucerin products. I was born with severe allergies and their products were my heroes. If you are looking for a good nourishing body wash this one basically saved my life.

Left Vichy, right Eucerin

And keep in mind that I've used both of these products on their own for a few days, I just did half and half face for this post for a better comparison.

Well, Eucerin lover or not, in this case, it lost the battle for me. 
It appears greasy and patchy on my skin and that is a real bummer.  It also broke my oil out and I feel like I was walking around like a disco ball. It is buildable tho, the you layer it the more coverage it gives you. 
The Vichy one gave me a nice, even, bright complexion and added a healty glow to my skin. It claims to control the oils which I think it could do a better job of, but it's handable and I think it is wearable even without the use of powder. 

Left Vichy, right Eucerin
For even better picture of how they act on skin, I applied some bronzer. 
You can see on the left, the Vichy one gave me a nice canvas to work on, and it even looks like I have some highlighter on, which I don't.  Meanwhile the Eucerin one on the right, well, it gave bronzer something to stick on, but compared to the left side it looks patchy, again. 

The application on Bronzer
Left Vichy, right Eucerin

So, obviously, the Vichy one won the battle for me. 
It gave me a way nicer complexion and the rest of the makeup stuck on way better. It also lasts way longer on my skin, and the makeup does not fade over time. 
It's grown so much on me that I actually barely use foundation now, I wear it with just concealer, on a daily basis and even when I go out partying. It keeps my make-up looking great for up to 10, even 15 hours. 
I have heard it caused a break out to quite a few fellow bloggers, but thankfully It didn't do that on me. 
As I said before, I love Eucerin products, this one just didn't do it for me and I do not recommend it. 

I hope you found this post helpful and enjoyed it. 
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See you saturday, have a nice week!



  1. V primeru, če imaš suho kožo pa moraš bežati stran od Vichy Normaderm BB, vsaj po mojem mnenju (meni izsuši celoten obraz in je na meni popolnom mat). Je Eucerin mnogo boljši - je pa res, da moraš imeti precej lepo kožo, če hočeš da funkcionira (ker na izsušenih grdih predelih izgleda slabo). Je pa prej Eucerin primerljiv z Vichy Idealia BB (čeprav se Ideala prav sveti). :)

    1. Zato Eucerin verjetno ne funkjonira na meni, ker imam premastno kožo - predvidevam po tvojih izkušnjah? :)