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Autumn wears

Hi guys!
Long time no talk, lots of stuff happening over here!
But fall is here! At least the weather is acting so... 
Candles, cuddles, movies,  hot chocolate, long hot showers, mulled wine. And Lots of layers of clothes!

Here is a quick outfit I've been wearing lately. It's really easy, quick, cute, comfy, useful, as you can layer your clothes up, with the temperature being really low in the morning and at the night but warming up in the day, and the most important thing, AND you can dress it up or down. But counting in the fact that I'm a total tomboy and all about the comfortable, I usually (read: 99% of the time) rock it with Vans :D

Autumn wears

The school has started and I am also working everyday now, so I am kinda lacking the time, but I really miss blogging so I'm gonna put more effort into putting together some new posts for ya'll beauties.

And by the way, I hope you have noticed I got my own .com domain, so there is no .blogspot.com anymore! :D

I hope you find this post useful! 
Talk to you soon, love you!

xoxo, Maria Noelle

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