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My recent favourites

Hi my pretty ladies! 
Today I am going to talk to you about products I've been loving for quite some time now :)

Sadly, It's only available in the states. There is a great dupe going around right now, the Makeup Revolution's Iconic pro 1, which I've also bought and you can expect a review and comparison of. 
This is a great warm toned pallete, which you can do a variety of looks with. It has all the basic shades like whate and pure black, brown, mauves, creams, champagne and golds. What is great about it is that One row is completely Matt and the other one consists of shimmers and satins, which I thing makes it a front runner in the palette department, considering the majority of palettes mainly have shimmery shades. Most of the shades are brought in both shimmer and matt, aside from deep blue and purple which I think are a nice, but still classy pop of color in this neutral palette.  You can read the full review HERE. (Around 45$)

My next favourite is Bourjois Rouge Velver 12 hour Lipstick. I can't even describe my love for these, they even beat MAC lipsticks everybody likes so much. I think the offer a selection of 8 colour, I own two and I love them both to the moon and back. First one is a true Russian red in number 14, and the second one is number 04, shown on the picture, which is the first ''my lips but better'' lipstick I've ever found. Finally! As for the claim for the lipstick to last 12 hour, IT FREAKING DOES! My friend even borrowed it, wen't partying wearing it, came home 6 hours later, wen't to sleep, and the lipstick still looked almost perfect when she woke up.  (Around 12$)

Essence silky blush is my all-time favourite blush. No need to describe it, the name itself does it well enough. 6 shades available. (Around 3$)

Catrice is definitely my favourite drugstore brand. I've recently discovered a few new products that have definitely changed my daily routine. We are gonna go over three today, the fist one being the Long-lasting Brow definer. This is a brow ''pen'', that gives off very little colour which gives you a great control over what you are doing. A super duper awesome thing about it is, that the brush is actually not a pen tip but a bunch of little hairs which really gives a natural look. It is available in 3 colours (around 4$). After that I smooth and fix my eyebrows with Fixing brow wax. What gives this product strength is the fact that it actually is a wax in a hard form and it just lightly invisibly coach the eyebrows so they stay in place all day long, but it doesn't give you feeling that there in something sticky on top of them, or as some of the other liquid waxes, sticks the eyebrows in one big glop of hair. (Around 3$)

As for the drugstore lip liners, I think Catrice definitely holds the best ones. The have two kinds, both are great, but I like the Ultimate stay lip liner the best. Nothing much to say, it just doest the job as every lip liner should. It doesn't dry the lips, it stay all day, you can even wear it on its own.  Great Great product. (Around 4$)

The last thing I'm gonna talk about today is Deborah Milano Lash Creator mascara. I do not like to use this on its own, I base coat my lashes with The Maybelline Rocket Mascara. But this little guy on top just makes the biggest difference - adds volume, adds length, curls the lashes and actually keeps them curled. (Around 12$)

That's it for today girls! I hope you enjoy reading this post, I'm gonna get back to you soon!
xoxo, Maria Noelle

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