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Summer beauty haul

Hi Guys!

I promised you I would post more often now that school is coming to end. I have a bunch new products to try, but to give you a peek of what you can expect I am going to show you some new products I got for late spring and summer. Let me know if you also want a summer fashion haul :)

If you don't already know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE My Lorac Pro palette. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE highlighting and neutral eye looks, which lead to me hitting a major pan on the lighter shadows in my Lorac. Unfortunately it is not available in Europe and I am not sure I would buy a new one just for the sake of four eyeshadows, anyways, so I just bought Kryolan singles.
The bright 6 shadows were already in my collection as I used them in my final project for Makeup Academy, I just bought an empty Kryolan palette and stuck all 11 eyeshadows in there. I'm not sure how long those 4 pots will stay empty :D

Well, talking about Lorac Pro... It is no secret that Makeup Revolutions Iconic pallettes are dupes for Lorac. This is another way of me getting away with my pans, and also, I wan't to use the Lorac one for my professional makeup bussiness, And it's not gonna last me much longer if I keep using it myself. That's why I got the Iconic pro 1 palette. And also to make a comparison post. And also because I just wanter to try it out. And write a review. And I might also get the Iconic pro 2 because nor me nor any of my friends have been able to get hands on the Lorac pro 2. 
I also wanted to experiment with blushes a little bit, since I do have a favourite blush, but it is also one and only I own. So I got me Makeup revolutions limited edition Suggar and Spice blush & contour pallette.

My two goals for shopping were to find a ''better than my lips'' lip colour and a summer nail polish.

1. Bourjois So laque glossy in Nr. 15 Peace and mauve. 
It is D I S S A P O I N T I N G. The colour is quite nice, it applies nicely, dries pretty quickly but it does not reach it's claim to last 10 days AT ALL. It chipped after one day, not only on my nails, my friend tried it too. If you are not bothered my this, you might really like it, but I wan't my nail polishes to last at least 5-7 days. For the 7€ I paid for it I might ass well buy the Essence nail polish that is twice cheaper, lasts twice longer and has twice the rande of colours to choose from. 

2. Deborah Smalto Gel effrect in 22. 
I LOVE THIS. I only applied it today for the first time, but It looks incredible. I like it more than my OPI's so far, and I LOVE my OPIs. It is a total win if it lasts at least 5 days, and let me tell you, it is looking good so far. The application and formula is amazing, it ends up really thin on your nails, shines bright like a diamond and truly looks like gal nails. AND it only costs around 5€.

3. Bourjois Rouge edition 12 hours lipstick in 31 Beige shooting. 
Here is why I had such high eypectations for the first nail polish. This is my second lipstick from this line and I freaking love it. I think I finnaly found my ''my lips but better'' lipstick, and I've been looking for it for months, I could even say years. I love those lipsticks more than my MAC ones, all tho they are less eypensive than MAC they are not cheap for a drugsture lip product, but definitely worth every single cent. 

4.  Bourjois Rouge edition Aqua laque in 02 Rose on the rocks.
I am not much of a lipgloss girl, but since this lipgloss matches with the lipstick and it's a limited edition, I just went ahead and got it. It is really nice and I like it tho, I stays on for a while, It is hydrating and the formula is light and not sticky at all. I've written Bourjois so many times in this post I might even learn how to write it without looking at the packaging.

5. Giovanni cote perfume. 
I was just searching for a summer perfume and came across this one while I was in Bosnia. It was around 7€ and It is quite nice so I've been using it a lot lately, but I'm still in the search for my perfect summer scent. So if you have any reccomendations, please share with me :D

6. Catrice Brow fixing wax. 
THIS HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER IN MY EYEBROW ROUTINE. Please please please do me a favor and check this out. You can't even tell if you applied any product or not, but It sure does its job of fixing your brows to where they should be. It is a perfect summer product with how light the formula is. No more brow gel that sharts rolling trough the day and no more wax that gets bumpy and sticks your eyebrows in a lump if you maybe accidentaly apply too much. 

7. Batiste dry shampoo. 
I am not really fond of dry shampoos, never been, never even felt the desire to try them, but I thought I would give this a go since I've been listening girls rave about this and my hair has been horrible lately - the ends are terribly dry, the middle is perfect and the top is always greasy. I must say, it is slowly, but slowly growing on me. And also, I forgot to take a picture of it. I think we all know how it looks. 

Deborah nail polish

xoxo, Maria Noelle

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