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Holiday gift guide

Hey beauties!

I know I have promised to post more frequently. I know I have been promising to be better for a couple of months now. I know I have promised to do more makeup related posts. Well, it just isn't working out...
I am still somewhere between 'keep blogging' and 'make beauty videos'. I just can't freaking decide what I wanna do with myself, besides the fact, that I have, in the past 3 moths finnaly figured out what I really love and wanna keep doing - makeup!
As I have said in previous posts, I am extremely busy with school. Along with that... I really can't pull myself together and find the smallest bit of motivation to write a blog post. But don't worry - I will soon sort out thing in school, and the lack of motivation is just a weird period; they come and go, and this one will pass sooner or later!

I have been thinking of writing for a week now, I have an exciting post coming up; I just need to gather all the stuff I need because I want it to really be put together.
Since I finally felt the urge to write, I figured it would be appropriate to share my list of go-to gifts.
Christmas is my favourite time of the year; I love how everything is so whimsical, everyone is so excited and happy and filled with love and joy. I love all the christmas lights, decorations, late night walks, mulled wine, hot chocolate, the smell of cookies, christmas music playing on the radio.

Christmas is about giving. Not about giving gifts, but giving love. Giving joy, best wishes, hugs, giving away an hour of your time to spend it with friends you haven't seen in a while. That's what my biggest wish is! If I could gather ALL my friends and spend two hours with every single and each of them, oh man, that would make me the happiest girl on earth! I am crying right now, I think that shows how much I wish I could pull that off.
Christmas is also about spending time with your loved ones, about telling and showing them how you feel, how much they mean to you and how much you care. Christmas is about giving smiles, because maybe, just maybe that is exactly what they need, and because you might be the stranger who made a random persons day - just by smiling.

We often forget all those things, thinking gifts make up for everything.. They don't! But, they are a big part of christmas and making someone feel special. Since buying gifts is often a pain in the ass, I am gonna show you some of my favourite things to give to my closest ones.

Allu, 99€

Fossil, 118€
H&M, 9,99€
Chanel, 73€

H&M, 9,99€
H&M, 14,99€
Activity, 27€
Foto klik, 76€

Big Bang, 180€
Big bang, 70€

Dior, cca 80€
Zara perfumes, 5-16€

Lush, 31,95€
Licila.si, 8.95€
Lush, 8.50€

Stradivarius, 12,95€
Daniel Wellington, 160€
H&M, 2,99€

H&M, 12,99€
H&M, 7,99€
H&M, 7.99€

H&M, 12.99€

Licila.si, 8.95€
H&M, 14.99€

Kate Spade, 440€

I kinda went a little bit crazy.. That is basically what I would get myself If I had a day with no-limit credit card :D
Well, I certainly hope you got some ideas. 

May you have a wonderfull christmas, I will see you soon!

xoxo, Maria Noelle

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