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Vaginal Yeast infection home remedies

Hello girls!

How are ya'll doing? I've been really busy lately, running three schools at once. I am actually really proud of myself, I am really happy with my grades.
Anyways, let's get to the business.

Tonight, I am gonna get more up personal, maybe TMI with you.
I am gonna be talking about yeast infections. Yup, down there. I told you we are getting TMI in this post :)

I've had this problem for almost two years now, and let me tell you, it is one of the most annoying pains out there! You would not believe how hard it is to get rid of; in my two years of dealing with it, I've kinda been trough all stages of frustration, being lost in the flood of all the information on the internet, feeling sorry for myself and doing EVERYTHING I could think of to make it less horrible.

What is a yeast infection?
Yeast is a type of fungus that lives in our body, more specificly in our vagina. A yeast infection is an overgrowth of the fungus. They are very common, almost 75% of women have at least one during their life, althought I say that you are either prone to yeast infections, or you are not.

What causes yeast infections?
As I have previously said, yeast infection is caused by overgrowth of fungus. There are several reasons that allow yeast to overgrow:

Period No specific reason, just period. During that time of the month, bacteria that stays in tampons and pads filled with blood, overgrows the healty bacteria.
Medication Antibiotics, Steroids and Birth control are also known for killing the good bacteria of your already weak immune system, and are the most common cause for YI.
Sugar Yeast feeds and grows on sugar. So the healty bacteria is not necesarily gone, it is just not powerful enough to deal with the yeast.
Pregnancy, Diabestes and HIV
Stress and lack of sleep.
Using vaginal shampoos that are ''gyno approved''
Wearing tight and not breathable clothes (skinny jeans, for example)

What are the signs of a vaginal yeast infection?
Burning, redness, swelling of your vagina
Pain when urinating and having sex
A vaginal rash
Cottage cheese a-like vaginal discharge, that may or may not have a bad smell

You may not have all of those symptoms, they can also be mild or severe and can occur inside or outside of your down-there.

What do I do?
If you have never experienced this before, you call your gynocologist. Yeast infection is pretty common, but so is bladder infection and STI's, and those three things can easily be mistaken for one of the other ones, since they show with similar syptoms, but are treated completely different.
Once your gyno has diagnosed (or you did so yourself) you with a vaginal yeast infection, you have 3 choices:
1. He has already prescribed you meds
2. You can buy over the counter meds
3. You treat your problem yourself.

Let's see each option up-close.
1. He has already prescribed you meds
He did what he thinks is best for you. You, again, have two choices; you either trust him and take you medication, or you decide to go hippy, and don't.

2. You can buy over the counter meds
They are probably very similar to what your gyno would prescribe you. You, before buying the meds, should make sure the sales person know whether you are pregnant, are taking any other meds or you have any other health problems. 
Now, from my experience, I've tried the over-the-counter stuff probably like 5 times... The first time it helped. The second time it took more time. The third time it barely did anything. The 4th time it was a waste of money, because it didn't do a thing. And, ofcourse, the YI kept coming back.

3. You treat your problem yourself.
Finally, we came to where the hippy in me comes to life.
This part is why I decided to write this post in the first place, to tell you what you can do yourself to prevent Yeast infections. 

How do I help myself?
Eliminate all foods yeast feeds on
Sugar, white bread, alcohol, coffee. Not to mention Birth control pill and antibiotics.
Change your hygene routine
Avoid scented hygene products (baths, pads, tampons, toilet paper), change your panties and swimwear as often as possible, only wear cotton underwear, if you can, use a menstrual cup, otherwise change your pads and tampons often, avoid taking baths and using intimate shower gels.
Also use seperate razor for your intimate parts, sterelize it everytime before you use it and shave with baby/olive/almond oil instead of using shawing gel or conditioner.

What kills overgrown fungus?
Garlic. Coconut butter. Teatree oil. Probiotics. Cranberry. Salt. Vinegar. Lemon. Aloe Vera.

There is several ways you can use those products mentioned above:
1. You take garlic capsules daily. This is the only thing that has helped me prevent YI (and yes, I barely eat any sugars, and do all the things I have already mentioned above).

2. For instant relief, you can make a garlic tampon. You can do that by taking a string of dental floss, then you will peel and gently cut into a clove of garlic and put the string around (you can make a cut on two ends or putting it through the garlic with a needle) it. You now insert it into your vagina like a normal tampon for cca. 2 hours (or over the night, since you can kinda smell the garlic). It may burn at first, but It's the most helpful thing E-VAH!

3. Take probiotic capsules or eat plenty of probiotic yoghurt.

4. Take a tampon, soak it in a probiotic yoghurt for 15 seconds and insert it like you would your normal tampon. Leave it in for up to half an hour, BUT NO LONGER THAN THAT! Leaving it in longer will just leave it cooking from your body temperature, making it a perfect home for bacteria, which will end up even worsening your YI.

5. Drink cranberry juice or take cranberry capsules.

6. Douche your down-there with a 5:1 mix of water and plain vinegar. It will burn like hell, but it is a major help!

7. Make a salt-vinegar-teatree bath and sit in it for a while. The colder the water is, the more it will help; hot water can make it even worse.

8. Make you own tampon. Mix coconut butter, 100% aloe vera gel, crush a garlic and add a drop of vinegar and teatree oil. Take a plastic glove and put the mixture in one of the fingerholes, seal tight and put it in the freezer. Before you go to bed, take it out and insert it. Make sure you put a towel under your bootie, since it will melt and probably leak.

9. After the shower, make sure you wipe very well so it is all dry, then rub aloe vera gel on your intimate part.

Well, from my personal experience, if you do ALL THIS, you SHOULD be good. 
Remember, that once it goes away, you should keep doing all those things, otherwise it might come back. 

If you wan't to read about more home remedies for YI, basically everything I have learned is from HERE.

I know this was a long post, but I can't be short on words when it comes to Yeast infection. I hope you enjoyed and found it helful despite the lenght.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!
XOXO, Maria Noelle

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