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Summertime spirit + exciting news

Hello girls!

I know I haven't posted in quite a while, I am not going to make up excuses. Let me just tell you the main 3 reasons: 
1. My computer broke and It took more than a month to fix it
2. I had to study to pass a major exam
3. It was a freaking summer.

I just picked up my computer last week, so I pinky promise you more posts. I do still have a lot of work since the school has just started, but I am gonna do my best. 

As for the exciting news, mentioned in the title, I STARTED MAKE UP ACADEMY!

What does that mean? 
It means, that I will get to show and tell you all the little tips and tricks all the professional make-up artists are masters of. It also means that I will barely have any time to eat and breatthe for the next 3 months. It also means, that when I finish the academy, I will get to call myself a make-up artist. A real, real make-up artist!

Well, that is basically all I wanted you to catch up on. And since one of the reasons for my abscence was the summer itself as a time of the year, and everything that comes along with it, I quickly  want to show you my summer in pictures.

There was a bunch of food:

There was a bunch of selfies:

A bunch of beauty related stuff:

A bunch of travelling, driving:
And a bunch of random stuff, like cutting of 15 cm of my hair and drawing:

Well, I hope this post was not too boring. This summer was definitely the best one so far, but now, it's time to get some sleep get myself working full on again. If I was you, I'd definitely keep tuned for the upcoming posts :)
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See you soon, Maria Noelle xx

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