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Prom make-up

Hey lovelies!

How are you doing? Nothing's changed here since last post, which again, I am very sorry was 3 weeks ago.

One of my best friends is graduating high school this year and her and her friend asked me to do their prom make-up. It was a pleasure and I was very excited. We set a date for a try-on and figured out what they wanted and how we're gonna do it. They both wanted a pretty neutral look, which in the end, turned out to be not-so-neutral.

So when THE day came, they both showed up in my dorm room, being a nervous wrecks. They were unhappy with thir hair-do's and we were short on time, they were questioning their dresses, not to mention that I was already nervous and with them alredy beingy unhappy with everybit I really wanted to make their night better with doing their make-up the way they truly wanted it.



Wanna know how to do it? :)

1. I did their face. We used foundation and mineral powder on both. 
2. Eyebrows. We used a pencil. 
Once that was done, we moved on to the eyes. 
We concealed their undereye area.
3. I put a neutral eyeshadow all over the lid. 
4. Then put a slightly darker brown to the crease. 
As you can see, Zala's base is a tad bit darker than Jera's. 
5. Put white (light) eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bone for the highlight. 
6. The center of the look is eyeliner. But with a twist ;) you are not gonna use eyeliner, we are gonna do the line with eyeshadow. This way the look is way softer and it allows you plenty of control.
Take the eyeshadow of your choice (wth Jera, we used dark brown and black, with Zala we used dark blue and dark grey) and make a line of, again, your choice.
You can make it as vivid and sharp as you wan't, we choose to blend it out.
7. Last step is to finish the eyes with a mascara of your choice.
8. Highlight your face. We only used bronzer and blush, but I would reccoment a highlighter as well.
9. Complete the look with lipgloss or in our case, lipstick.

That is it! 
It's soft and youthful but sophisticated and put together. It's appropriate for everyday or for special nights.
I hope you enjoyed this post, but I just wanna let you know I am gonna start doing youtube videos. I already have some footage, including this look. I am looking forward to it, and I hope so are you.

See you soon, xoxo

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