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March sickness lookbook

Hello lovelies!

I'm back! I've been away for over a month, and let me just tell you, it's been heck of a crazy couple of weeks.
Let me just start with the fact, that I was just overwhelmed with basically everything surrounding the school, not to mention the fact that everything is just blooming up and my allergies kicked in after I don't even know how many years and I had just been literally sneezing my heart off for the past month, and to top it off, my eye got infected. So counting the fact that my eyes are naturally watery, they were totally sore from the allergies and with the infection I could barely even see.
So basically, for the whole month I was rocking the ''oh I look like a crap so I'm just gonna put my sunglasses on'' look. Which, with infected eye I could not wear my contacts and with sunglasses I could not wear my prescription glasess, so I just went the whole month half blind.

Well, It's gone now, thank god! Im gonna start posting back on schedule now, but while I was bored I made a polyvore account and I created some summer looks. I hope you like them, and I'd be really happy to follow you, just follow me on polyvore or leave your account name in the comments bellow :)

As you can see, the items repeat, so you can really see what I like :D

See you soon, xoxo
Maria Noelle

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