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February Haul

Hey guys!
I usually wouldn't do a post of this kind, but I kinda ran out of everything last month. I had a bunch of coupons, so I decided to stock up on things. I thought It would be fun to show you what I got last month :)

I went to Verona with my boyfriend in the begining of the month and one of the many stores we went to is Kiko. Well, that's all from the beauty products I got in Italy.

I'm gonna add the shades of the eyeshadow and the polish later

And here we go with the products I got in Slovenia, and the photos were taken with the phone, so I'm sorry for the quality.

I also got a few bits and bobs here and there that I just didn't take a photo of, and a few clothing pieces.

I had originaly planned this post to be February haul & favourites, but I just got too long and I am gonna post the favourites tomorrow. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick post, filled with photos.
I'm gonna see you soon, xoxo