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Not so Christmasy

It's monday, tuesday in two minutes actually, and I have to be up in five hours to study. I'm uncusessfully trying to fall asleep, so I might as well do something productivve, right?
As you may notice, this is my first post. I was planning on my first post to be Top 13 of 2013, but that will most likely come in the next few days, since I still have my top 13 to choose.

So, my wonderful boyfriend got a Samsung galaxy s4 for christmas. I have a 2 yo s2, of which camera is not very to be proud of. But his is, which makes it convenient for me to take good quality pictures of my nails and make up. I do have a pretty good DLSR, but it is just easier to snap a pic, than pull the camera out, upload pictures to my computer and all that ceremony. If I want a sucessful blog of course, that is what I will have to do in the future, but for now, I'm just gonna stick with the phone for the most part.
Sooo, shall we get to the point?
My nails have been horrible for the past few months. But finaly, I managed to somehow, I honestly have no idea how, grow them out. Well, kinda. That's my left hand on the picture, but I'd rather not talk about my right hand, since the 5th nail has chipped today. Yayyyyyy - NOT!
I have been bragging about Essie nailpolishes to my boyfriend ever since they came to Slovenia. And finally, for our 1st anniversary, he got me one (along with the ring you can see on my finger, hehe) . It was the 'Over the edge' one. And heelllll, I loved it instantly! So I asked for two more for christmas, since they are totaly out of my student budget... Well not really, but I feel like they are just one of those things that you don't splurge on for yourself :)
So, Father Santa choose this one - MINT CANDY APPLE.
Since I've now kinda gotten to know them, I will be doing a whole review on Essie nail polishes soon so keep an eye out for that, and as said, expect a Top 13 of 2013 next :)

Love, Maria Noelle :)

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