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MUA - Undressed vs. Heaven and Earth

Hello Fruitties :)
 Today I am going to review and compare Make Up Academys Undressed and Heaven and Earth palette. 

 I have been wanting a palette for a while. I just have a bunch of individual eyeshadows, which most of them just ended uo being used once two months when I decided to go trohough the pile of eyeshadow, instead just using the ones on top of it. Recently I have mainly been enjoing neutral eyeshadows. To be honest, now that I just keep those two palletes with my daily make-up products, I don't even reach for the colors anymore. Maybe I should get a colorful palette?

 Anyways. I finaly decided to get my so much awaited palette about two months ago. BUT, there is always a but, I could not decide between those two.
So I am here today, to tell you a bit more about them, to help YOU decide, If you ever bump into this problem.

 So, Undressed and Heaven and Earth are both MUA Palettes. On the website, they both retail for £4.00 (four pounds), which is just under 5€. For the Slovenian readers of mine, I got it from Licila.si (H&E, Undressed), where unfortunately they cost almost twice the original price. Check out their swatches, they are great!

They come in a sturdy black packaging with a clear top. This makes it really easy to travel with, but I do find it a bit hard to open the palette sometimes. 

That's how brand new palette looks like.
Mine is all scrached up and dirty :)

Both palettes have 12 eyeshadows.  I tried my best swatching and photographing them, but some swatches are better than others. I also apologize for crickled pointy finger, I burnt it a few days prior, that's why the skin is so funky..

Heaven and Earth
The back of the palette says: ''A beautiful collection of eyeshadows that will enhance your eyes to give the perfect natural look.''

My favourites: first two and second to the last.

My favourites: the third and the last one.

Now, the swatches look a tad bit more orange than on the computer or on the camera, so keep that in mind.
Most of the eyeshadows have saten-ish finish.
They apply pretty nicely, except of the dark browns and the white shade in the second row, that are a bit chunky and powdery.
The pigmentation is quite nice, but you do have to use primer to get a good color payoff on the eyes.
For the idea, I also swatched them on my hand, without any primer.

You can make a decent eye look with this palette, but I personaly think, that a good eye look consists of shimmery and matt eyeshadows, which this palette does not have any

All in all, I would rate this palette 6.5/10.

Now, this is my baby of the two :).
This palette ranges from the pretty rose whites to golds and matte browns and blues and blacks.
This palette is supposably a dupe for The naked palette, but I don't own it so I can't give you my opinion. I have swatchet the Naked one tho, and all I can say is, that it's far more pigmented than the Undressed palette :)

My favourites: the second, the third and the last one.

All of those are my favourites!
And side note: I forgot to mirror the first picture of 2nd row. The first and third shadow are reversed in palette.

Here we go :)
Can you guess what I love the most about this palette? Yes, the mattes! You can hardly see them on the photo (row 1: 3rd and 5th shade), they make a GREAT creace color.

You can also find satin and metallic finish here.
I feel like the shadows are more pigmented than in the Undressed palette, but we do have some chunkier shades here too: the second eyeshadow of the first row and the two goldens. I reccomend using a primer with those too.

Overall, I would give this palete  9/10.

Hand swatches:

Bottom line
So if you haven't noticed yet, I prefer Undressed palette. Simply because the variety of finishes and colors is bigger :)

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed it.
The next post is going to be February haul & favourites, so stay tuned for that :)


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  1. i love this palette