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Kiko vs. Essie - 2013 Discoveries

Hey fruitties!
I know I have promise a top 13 f 2013 post, but I haven't written it yet. Wanna know my excuse? I CAN'T DECITE WHAT MY FAVOURITES ARE!!
Maybe I make up my mind, maybe not. We'll see. If I do, I will definitely write a post, otherwise I won't.
But today I am gonna talk about my 2013 discoveries. Some of them I only started using in november or december, some of them are really good but just not my favourite.

Kiko nail Lacquer   8/10
I only own one shade so far, but can I just say, I LOVE IT?
Consistancy: It's ruiny so it applies evenly and thin, but thick enough for two coats to make the color shiinee like a diamond.
It dries fairly quickly and ends up with a shiny finish.
Lasting power:It lasts for about four days :)
Price: For what I have just said, I think the cost is AMAZING, as it only costs 3.60€!

Essie nail polish  8/10
I've already dedicated a post to this brand.  I own four shades, and  the're awesome! I have to say tho, that so far I kinda like Kiko better than Essie. But keep in mind that I only own one Kiko :)
I do my nails only once a week (If a nail chips I obviously touch up ha-ha), that's why I switched to a more quality nail polishes.
Staying power: Essie does stay on my nails for about 6 days :)
Consistancy: It is  a little thicker and it's a bit harter to apply thin coats, but 2 of those make an opaque manicure. I do have to say that the finish is shiny, but wears off. The
Price: It is a bit pricier as it costs around 10€.

Before I go, I just wanna show you this weeks nails. It's already mentioned Kiko nr. 266 - Blu Oltamare.
And please excuse me, I painted my nails in almost pitch dark..
Have fun, Maria Noelle xx

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