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January Favourites /2014

Hello fruities!
It's been a tough week here. Snow was supposed to come two months ago and it didn't. Finally it found it's way to Slovenia, and it is surely making up for the lack of snow in the past weeks! I'ts been horrible, everyting is icy and half the country lost the electicity, I can't even.. I don't like snow.
But January is gone, I can't believe! It definitely was a lazy month which I kinda like, but I'm also looking forward to february. I do have a buisy week in school, but after that is Valentines day which is also my boyfriend's birthday, Rolling Stones tribute concert, a vikend in Verona, winter break and more :D Exciting.

Let's dig into my favourites:

L'oreal Elvive Total repair Hair mask
I've discovered this mask in the past year and it works wonders! It claims to repair up to one year of damage. It did not for me, as I only used it once a week. For new years, I took it home and left it there so I couldn't use it when I came back to my dorm. My hair got terrible! I have used it three times in the past ten days and my hair is shiny, soft, and full like it has not been in a long time.
I do think it is a little pricy for a drugstore product, it costs around 7€, but you get a lot of products, a tube probably lasts for about two months with regular use and it's worth every cent!

Essence Stay Matte Lip cream
This was my go-to this month. Unfortunately there are only four shades, two reds and two nudes. I am loving the orangy red right now! It costs about 2.50€

Essence Better than Gel nails Top coat
Remember when I wrote that Essie nail polishes lost shine after a while? Well, My top coat didn't do much about it, also it wouldn't dry even after a few hors. My friend google helped me decide to pick up This Essence one, which is 3 times cheaper than my last one. I love it! Even if 42479 coats of nailpolish is not dry yet, the top coat dries them instantly and it leaves it looking shiny for a week. It also dries in 5 to 10 minutes at most, depending how dry your bottom coats are.

Essence stay all day concealerI was using Catrice concealer before, which was left me looking like a stork, I got patchy under my eyes.
My beauty-blogger-instagram friends reccomended this one to use brighten my under eye area and it's great! The consistancy is really smooth and it works great under the eyes, probably not so great on the pimples tho (which Catrice one I was using before does).
The down side is, that there is only 2 shades available and I had a really really hard time deciding which one is better for my skintone. It appeared as they are basically the same, just that one has yellow and the other one is for pink undertoned skin.


I'm not really sure, but I think pineapple is coming into season now. I do like canned pineapple, but it's in sweetened water and I prefer the sour tasting foods really. So I kinda skip canned pineapple and just wait for the fresh one, all tho my toungue burns like hell.

The fosters
The fosters has been my favourite show lately. And Bones, and Castle of course. I just came back in january as shows have mid-season finale and premieres or something, I don't really know. Just check it out, please.

So that is all for this month. I hope you all enjoy yourself till I hear you next time,
Love, Maria Noelle

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  1. tudi sama gledam the fosters, dora tv serija :) drugače pa super blogec. :)