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Every girl needs some glitter in her life - NOTW

Helo Fruitties! 

Today I'm just quickly gonna show you nails of the week (since I only paint my nails once a week).

I used Essie - Spaghetti strap
On my accent nail I just used base coat, a coat of nail polish, then I put regular glitter from art store over, let it dry and put a 4684 coats of top coat. 

I wore these nailse a couple weeks ago, but let me just tell you todays situation. First of all, a week from tomorrow I fell down the stairs and injured my wrist, which I have a doctor apointment 2morrow, I ran out of nail polish remover and my right hand had swollen up just a few hours ago. It's gone down, but it is still not okay.

Hope you are doing better than me, hear you soon :)
xoxo, Maria Noelle

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