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My spring essentials

New season, new me. This past winter has been terrible, so spring is a new page in this 2017 book. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know by now that I've kind of moved from beauty to skincare department. I still love to take my time and make myself look presentable, I guess I just came to the realization that healthy and glowing skin IS a major part of looking presentable. 


Beauty world has been filled with everything liquid lipstick for the past year or so. Hits and misses, wallet friendly and sky-high prices. That almost rhymed, how neat :D So, wearing a liquid lipstick, I attended Slovenian Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up* a few weeks ago. This year, we weren't given a beauty bag, but a beauty trolley instead. It was kind of dope, to be honest :D
Check out some posts about the conference: METKA, TARA, TAMARA

I haven't really been in the mood for full face of makeup recently, so I've been mainly giving skin and body care products their go. That's probably why those cream lipsticks sounded best out of beauty gems we were given.

Life lately, Beauty Bloggers meet up and L'occitane garage sale.

Slovenian blog scene has been overflowing with Slovenian Beauty Bloggers Conference and L’occitane garage sale (And Nuxe Reve de Miel reviews, haha) blog posts. I hope you've been enjoying them :-)

I just can’t seem to get it together lately, to be honest, I’m just being an unorganized wreck; I’m supposed to be juggling work, school, family (I just moved in with my boyfriend recently, and my in-laws seem to extremely like me!), when in reality I’m just sitting at home, waking up with a headache and feeling extremely poorly every day, and as a result simply letting things slip out of my hands.
However, I have decided I want to graduate at the end of the next semester, and with the new year coming rapidly the touristic season and bar business is back up, which means more work.

Daily fall routine - L'occitane, Lush, Johny Organic

Hi sunshines!
Colder days have been coming around lately, how have you been handling that? 
I just got over a cold, so my start wasn't such a nice one, but we've gathered here today so thatI can help you get your game straight for this fall and upcoming winter. 

No matter what time of the year, I think we often forget that being healthy also includes us taking time and pampering ourselves. Being healthy means feeling good, feeling good inside and out. Feeling good from outside would mean having nice hair, nourished skin, and in my case having nails done. I think our nails are one of the things we sometimes forget to take time for, but are one of the little things that affect our self esteem, although we don't even realise it. Feeling good about our appearance also affects our self esteem, inner peace, inner health. 

Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation

Hi girls! 
You might have noticed I've been away for quite a while. My blog is my sacred place, place where I run away, pour my opinions out, mainly about beauty stuff. My blog is also a place where I want to be honest, be who I am, use my inspiration to create something not only I enjoy, but you do too. But to be honest, I was in major lack of inspiration, and it was not in my interest to create something that was not honest and enjoying not only to write, but also read. 
But recently I came across a product that did, in fact, give me inspiration or better said wish, to tell you everything about.